Bee Hoppy Farms

September 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was delighted to visit a century-old family farm last month to take photos of Tiffany, an impressive business owner who is revitalizing a part of the land by growing hops (yes, as in beer). The farm, the entrepreneur, the greenery, the sunset... it was all so picturesque. I'm honored to be a part of promoting local business, and especially the continued use of a beloved family farm. Tiffany was kind enough to share a few words about Bee Hoppy Farms:

Bee Hoppy Farms comes from the desire to grow locally sourced hops in support of the booming NC micro brewery industry.  NC is a state full of great soil, and good rain fall, so it makes sense that if we can grow a hop that brewers love we should invest the time and effort to bring the flavor profile our soil can impart to the community.

Bee Hoppy farms plans to continue researching and working with local universities test and find the hops that best grow in our climate and provide a unique flavor that brewers want to use.


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