Not Pictured: A Day of Honest Social Media

March 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

Recently, I was reflecting on how social media does not reflect the truth of our lives. People will often post a sunny, smiling photo of their kids, and in the caption, note: "Not Pictured: the fight I got about putting on nice clothes" or some other tongue-in-cheek comment about the reality behind the pristine image. Our mundane, frustrating, tired, indulgent lives are actually consume so much more of the reality we live. It's easy to view social media and perceive another person's life (especially photographers) as somehow surreal - distant from the day-to-day we are actually living. Personally, since graduating from college, getting married, and entering the workforce, I've felt stuck in the rut that is mundane, ordinary life. I did this project not just to shed light on the false realities of social media, but to self-reflect on all the things I fail to appreciate, from my tirelessly helpful assistant, Abby, to my husband, Isaac, serving my plate first at dinner. These 25 images were captured from wake-up until bedtime on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - A day insignificant in almost every way, yet captured meticulously, as I would a curated photoshoot. To show contrast, I've edited the "social media appropriate" photos into black and white (most, I realized, are of my dogs, and not even me or my husband). The most shocking thing was that so few photos ended up black and white, proving my estimate - that social media is a glistening veneer, and the true picture of our lives is so much more. The beautiful, "postable" moments are even more wonderful with the knowledge that they are unique and astonishing - beautiful sparks in the middle of our ordinary lives.



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